Webinars are live training sessions with videos, power point presentations, and live lecture. Students who attend the webinar can ask Amanda questions during the Q&A period at the end of the session.  


When signing up for the webinar you can attend it "live" at the date and time listed, and you will also receive a recorded version that you can watch anytime. 

If you are not able to attend the webinar live, you can still purchase the webinar and a recorded version will be emailed to you. 

After you have signed up for the webinar, Amanda will send you your login and password details. 

You can also purchase past webinars by using the drop down menu and choosing the webinar of your choice.  Amanda will email you a link to the recording of the webinar within 48 hours.  

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January 28th - 4pm PST - Sends and Turnaways  

I will be covering how to build distance and confidence for sends and Turn Aways for USDAA Gamblers, AKC FAST, NADAC Chances, CPE Jackpot!  This webinar will run about an hour long with videos, diagrams, and live lecture from myself. 


December 18th - 5pm PST - Fitness for Agility 

During this webinar Amanda will be discussing how fitness is crucial for agility, maintaining position on contacts, proper form while weaving, jumping, etc. Amanda will also be showing some foundation fitness exercises to start at home. 

 Beginning Contact Training  

During this webinar Amanda will be discussing how she begins her contact training, how she encourages proper form on the contact, and building value for proper positioning on the contact.  

Cue Timing and Connection  

During this webinar Amanda will be analyzing various videos to discuss timing of cues and how to maintain connection during an agility run. 

Teaching Commitment 

During this webinar Amanda will discuss why commitment is important and how she teaches the basics of commitment to her dogs. She will also talk about cue timing and how that plays into commitment. 


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