Online Lectures are videos that cover various topics from obstacle skills to fitness. With each Lecture, Amanda will be discussing the topic with power points, videos, and slow motion analysis. Once purchased you can view the lectures as many times as you would like, questions about the lectures can also be discussed on the Fluid Motion Facebook Group.  

Lectures vary between written material and Youtube links to video lectures and training sessions. 
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Lecture links are instantly available after purchase is made. 

Available Online Lectures

Ally's Jump Training - Video Links 

This PDF file contains links to Ally's jump training progress. Some of the videos contain lectures of myself explaining the exercises and some of the videos show Ally's training sessions.  There are 7 videos total included with this file. 

Fluid Motion Exercise Booklet

This booklet contains over 50 different exercises, there are a variety of ring sizes and different equipment used in all of the exercises in the booklet.  

Teaching Switch Lecture

 In this lecture, Amanda will be going over how she teaches her directional command "Switch" from the foundation up! 

Course Analysis Lecture

In this lecture, Amanda will be going over various courses and sequences and discussing different ways to handle and how your position as the handler affects the dog's path.

Teaching a Moving Wait 

In this lecture Amanda discusses the importance of a moving wait and why it not only teaches Impulse Control and a calm mind, but how it is great for the agility ring. 

Using Rewards 

This download contains multiple lectures 

Amanda will discuss different rewards, food, toys, and praise and how they can be used together or separately for agility training.