The Choice

Those who have attended seminars with me have heard me say this time and time again;

“If you want distance, your dog must have confidence”


I love distance handling; I love the feeling of having that connection with my dog from 40 or more feet away. But the key to that kind of distance work is, and always will be confidence.

I train with confidence in mind from the very beginning, from the time I bring that little eight-week-old puppy home, I train them with confidence in mind.

Part of building that confidence in my dog is letting them have a choice. My dogs always have a choice from day one, they choose what “kind” of agility they wish to do.  I never force distance upon my dogs, if that is a path they wish to take, I will support them in my training and my handling.

By giving my dogs a choice they have freedom.  Freedom to be who they want, to run at the speed they want, and by letting them choose their path in agility we will connect as a team; and that is more important to me than any distance between us.

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