Feeding the Best

I have been getting quite a few emails about what I am feeding my dogs and some people asking for ideas on what they can add to their dog’s food for variety in their meals.

I am currently rotating my dogs between Fromm, Taste of the Wild as well as I and Love and You. (not a fan of that name. lol) I also add some of I and Love and You’s freeze dried raw food every now and again.  Along with the kibble and freeze dried I will add some fresh meat, veggies, grains (oh no! not grains!) along with cottage cheese, eggs, and some yogurt.

Mind you, I do not feed all of the above every single day or even every week for that
matter, I rotate between them, adding variety and whatever I happen to feel like throwing in their bowl that day.

Most of the time their meals consist of commercial (the freeze dried or kibble) in the morning and then some meat, veggies and dairy in the evening.

But sometimes they may get nothing but my homemade food, it may be raw, it may be cooked. And sometimes (this past week, for example) they may only get kibble.  A lot of what I feed them depends on how busy I am and how much money I have. Because lets be honest, money plays a pretty big factor in what we feed our dogs, and sometimes I just don’t have over $80 to spend on a box of dehydrated or freeze-dried food.

I feel good about what I feed my dogs, I think they look healthy, they are happy and they Winter Break love their meals. I like giving them a variety of different food options from commercial to homemade, kibble to dehydrated. It makes me happy and it makes them happy.

One of the very sad things I see happening in the dog world is what I like to call “food shaming”. For instance, if you don’t feed raw you aren’t doing the best by your dog, or if you don’t feed brand XYZ then you aren’t giving your dog the best. I think we are all trying to do the best we can for our dogs, we feed them the best we can with the money we have
and the time we have.

I have done just about every kind of dog food method there is, I have fed cooked, I have fed raw, I have fed only kibble, freeze dried, and dehydrated. I personally think there are some dog food brands that are overrated for what they are and I don’t think we need to break the bank every month to give our dogs the best.

Which is why I feed a variety, I feed what works for me, my travel schedule and my pocket book. My dogs are happy and I am happy, and in the end, that’s what matters.Nargles


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